Welcome to Creative Woodworks, a family owned and operated business based in San Jose, CA USA. We are known for our quailty wood items, which are completely sanded and ready to paint. Being a painter and teacher myself, I have always hated buying a wood item and having to spend the time sanding and preparing it before I could paint on it. At Creative Woodworks we do the sanding for you so you'll have more time to paint.

We use the best grade of pine, hand selected for each item, and knot free whenever possible. All nail holes are puttied and sanded smooth. All items are supplied with hardware installed (such as knobs, hinges, latches, etc.) or have pre-drilled holes for easy installation.

All wood is cut to order. If you desire an item not shown in our catalog, we will be happy to discuss supplying you with any wood item you want. We are a custom wood shop and we also cut wood from hundreds of tole painting books. If we don't have your pattern in stock, just send or fax it us and we will be glad to give you a free estimate.

Susan Lockwood TDA is also a painter and teaches painting a couple of times a week.  Check out the classes page to see a forecast of what she is currently teaching.

Check out the catalog for the new Jo Sonja items that have been added.   Patterns are available through

Jo Sonja Catalog Page

We DO NOT make any plates, bowls or turned items.

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